Blowpons: Coupons For BlowJobs


"Cocksuckers Need Coupons Too."

New York, New York ( December 9, 2004- Bonnie's Gang Publishing announces that "Cocksuckers need coupons too." Their new product, "BlowPons: BlowJob Coupons" is now available at . The coupons are downloadable in PDF format, so you can print them, and use them immediately.

"I want to surprise my boyfriend for our one month anniversary by giving him the best blowjob of his life - while he was driving," one Blowpon user said.

Women often comment something like: "I must be addicted to cocksucking. There is never a time I have sex with a guy where I don't spend a lot of my time sucking on his gorgeous cock. I love the 'dirty slut' feeling I get when sucking on cock and get very wet doing it, especially if the guy talks dirty to me."

OK, we do not guarantee a blowjob every time, but we do guarantee at least 3 blowjobs by you giving out these x rated love coupons.

The perfect man gift.

Order your paperback @

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